5 Skills That Will Give You Financial Freedom [2nd half 2017]

5 skills you can learn to attain financial freedom
Skills to learn for financial freedom.

Let’s get right to it – a lot of people want to look rich & feel rich but they don’t want to go through the process that results in actually leaving them wealthy. You can stop reading if you’re scared of success; a lot of people would rather get the job that pays big than own a source of income that keeps giving even when they are not awake.


Creative thinking – in terms of idea creativity – is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practiced and nurtured.

– Edward de Bono. BrainyQuote

Here are 5 Skills You Must Cultivate & For Financial Freedom.

I’d like to think that you won’t have to quit your job to get one or two of these skills working for you, but if you can, save for a three-month self-development phase and just dive into a source of income that you can control. Assuming you are in your 20’s, driving a brand new Mercedes Benz can be a good target, but don’t expect that to happen tomorrow, rather, set your skills in line with your dreams and goals and enjoy the process.

  1. Go pro on Social Media.
  2. Develop pro-level Writing abilities.
  3. Coding.
  4. Learn to Invest.
  5. Helping others.

Let’s expand each list item a little further.

Going pro, on Social Media.

Probably the easiest on the list, most of us already have close to professional skill level navigating Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Well given how desperate a lot of companies would be to use that skill and the time to push their brands towards potential customers, you could be sitting on at least $1000,00 monthly recurring income.

Instead of fixing your phone to your face the whole day watching what your friends are up to, you could be providing that service and earning money. Read around how social media works for companies, learn how to use them to promote your own page. Test, measure and create a portfolio – that will give you your first job. Rinse and repeat.

Develop pro-level Writing abilities.

I know writers earning as much as $3000,00 per month, yet they had no clue what or how to go about their craft when they started. After a year of freelancing full time, I came close to doing this, yet back in school, you wouldn’t have picked me for any writing competition contender. Most commercial writers – not bloggers going on about what they’ve been doing to everyone – focus on a niche of their liking, gather as much knowledge as they can and stay knowledgeable, then they provide content writing services to a few clients.

Here is a sample case to show you the math: Target 5 clients, provide 4 blog posts to each on a monthly retainer basis, charge $100 per post. Just this set up guarantees $2000,00. Would you rather stay at a job that requires you to be up by 6 am rushing to be early making someone else rich then?


There has never been a time when learning how to code was easier, or more profitable, than right now. As you read this, a Python/ Ruby/ PHP/ Scala programmer makes roughly $3000,00 monthly working from home. The projects to work on never cease to come and companies are seeing the need to have an in-house developer more and more.

However, sticking with the need to wake up when you want and living a life that you need to work instead of working a life you need to live sometimes, learning as much as makes you dangerous will have companies scrambling to keep you on a retainer supporting their causes.

Learn to Invest.

This is a tricky one for most young people; we are easily taken by shiny things. While we want to own a house and car in the future, both purchases are nothing more than liabilities when you look at it from how Robert Kiyosaki @theRealKiyosaki has convinced me to recently. You can use the doctrine he shares to start something as small as a 3 hundred dollar project that multiplies into thousands as long as you are willing to nurture it. Knowing the difference between an investment and buying weights that pull you down certainly helps you to attain financial freedom.

Helping others.

Because we are in Africa, there are thousands of people that you can help into better futures by doing very little. Start an initiative that helps little girls get shoes to walk to school in, or to get people to donate pencils that will be the foundation for a community’s education. That alone changes how you view business, opens doors for resources to get where they are needed through you, and gives you the satisfaction that comes from giving.

In truth, there are more than just 5 skills you can develop and will make something out of you not just an employee chasing hours to pay off a car loan you know you had no business getting from the cruel bank that said yes. Help yourself to rise above the noise, the expectations and set your eyes on a ten-year target. It doesn’t matter if no one comes with you, enjoy the process and have them wishing they started following you when you started on your own path. Learn something, get real good and get someone (clients) to pay you for your skill – that’s it.

If you need any help learning the above and meeting the first source of income, get in touch @rusiqe. You can also leave your email below and I’ll be in touch.

Also, spread the wisdom.




5 ways to get so good at your craft that someone starts paying you for it.

image credit: Thewritepractice

You’ve probably heard about spending the regulated 10,000 hours working on your area of interest in order to become a master at it. Well, that is never going to run out of weight – but really ten thousand hours?? With the way knowledge is splashed around today, I’d be a doctor after ten thousand hours.

Perhaps the best way to get very good at something would have to start with setting the target; getting paid for something and living off it. This is a serious target and worth every next step that follows on the road to getting calls asking you to offer the thing and have your account loaded. It is very possible, I have seen it happen.


1. Who do you want to be like?

Pick someone that has managed to embody the very thing you wish to become, there are plenty of people with the perfect profiles and work portfolios that I managed to look at and worked towards becoming at par level. While it is okay to want something totally new, beating a level that you have seen is much easier and gives you satisfaction when someone says, ‘…hey, the way you do this reminds me of [insert professional here]…’.


2. Cut out other goals and focus on just one.

There are a lot of people who do many things at the same time, they do manage to look very busy, but they can never be the best at all the things they are doing (quote this later). Laser sharp attention to everything you do towards becoming great at your craft, that is the only way you can get there in the shortest time possible.


3. Prepare for failure.

While a smooth road will be somewhat the best way to go, you won’t find one. It is better to know that from the get-go. Toughen your skin, there will be a lot of people telling you that you are not good enough (yes you are not good…yet), but you will have the last laugh when you reach your goal, and become much better than they ever thought.


4. Get used to not sleeping.

There are nights when all I do is write, some nights I sit and watch motivation videos (do this too), and others I go over my work fixing mistakes and learning from web-tutorials how the best are doing it. There is no hour worth relaxing, it all pays off later when you can designate work to your trainees while you sleep. Work towards that every second you are alive and it will come to you sooner.


5. Test yourself.

The only way you will know if you are as good as you wanted to be when you started is if you test yourself. Create a habit of doing that thing you want every once in a while, daily would be perfect, and take something out of the experience every time you finish and rest. Sooner than later you will realize how good you have become and all the sweat will turn into sweet victory (money).

After every step has built in you the character and confidence that the best people all have, your greatest challenge will be to keep developing your craft. Even the best sportspeople get off their pole positions when they sit and relax for too long. Learn from that, don’t wait for 10,000 hours to go by for you to have grasped that simple truth. 

You could be doing that too

Ever wondered how some people seem to be able to do just about everything while all you do is sit at some office desk and watch? Yes they can, watch all matches of the T20 world cup, be in India if they are really good at what I’m going to tell you and come back so that you can bump their shoulders in the mall and get that ‘hey I know you’ feeling.

If you’re working and it’s getting you nowhere, you need to sit one day out and reevaluate your situation. You may be lucky enough to change your course…from one where 30 years later you still fear being fired and leaving with nothing, to one where you have the salaries of 50 people coming your way. It really is possible.

Become a freelancer.

That’s all I’m going to say. Comment if you need more info on how you can do this. Till then, ciao.


Drunk blogging.

drunk blogging

When you start drinking at home make sure to switch off the wifi and plug in all the devices so that when you wake up the only slow machine is you. I say wake up because if you still drink and remember what you did throughout the blur you need to go back to the drawing board and get your priorities straight (stolen). Maybe you don’t work hard enough to want that induced sleep that wakes you when it’s time to make up for money spent and time lost.

Anyhow, this post has nothing to do with your hustle, God bless your hustle.

Right before your brain switches from firing and hitting exact thoughts to firing all thoughts (thanks to the alcohol) you should pull out your notepad and get scribbling. I know a lot of inventors who wish they had written down the ideas that flew into their heads when they were almost drunk. Those inventors haven’t invented squat in their lives – you are one of them.

So how about it, capture the ideas that come to mind when everything else blurs out and all that’s left is an overactive brain. This was obviously not going to be a long post, just an activator; from one active mind to another.

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My opinion is that, no amount of safe driving tips during wet weather can help counter the ridiculous congestion in the City. It has to do with how we treat the situation and each other when it rains. The situation is compounded when there is an uncontrolled intersection. Each driver wants to…

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